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Hell's Loop - 311 Mile X-Treme T.T.

Dear Racer,
We canceled the August 7th Lake Arrowhead 6-Hour Endurance Race due to lack of interest! Canceling the Lake Arrowhead 6-Hour Endurance Rally was quite disconcerting, as considerable effort and expense went in to planning and preparing to host this event. Now we are looking forward to Hell's Loop!

This is a pre-entry event, and all entries must be received and paid by October 7th.

Everything you need to know about Hell's Loop! may be found on this page. This includes:

Those of you who competed in the Salton Sea T.T. 396-Mile Endurance Rally this past March are aware that the brief stops at the Brawley Inn to get your Passport stamped was merely indicia of a "rally", as opposed to a "race".  Hell's Loop will be non-stop! There will not be any rally check-points. We will record odometer readings at the start and finish, and require racers to produce one gas purchase receipt from the station in Death Valley.

Standard Classes ~ CV and/or Shifter: 50cc, 70cc, 100cc, 125cc, 150cc, 175cc, 200cc, 250cc, 300cc, 400cc, 500cc, 650cc, Sidecar to 250cc (Designated Passenger Required), Sidecar 251+ (Designated Passenger Required)
Vintage "Shifter" Classes: Class I: Up to 100cc, Class II: 101cc to 125cc, Class III: 126cc to 150cc, Class IV: 151cc to 200cc, Class V: 201cc to 250cc, Class VI: 251 cc to 300cc
Trophy Awards: The first rider to finish wins a 44" First Place Overall Winner Trophy, as well as a 21" 1st Place Class Trophy. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers in each displacement class will be awarded trophies regardless of the total number of entries in a given class. 

Cash Prizes: In any displacement class in which the are six (6) or more entries, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place finishers will receive cash prizes as follows: 1st $100.00; 2nd $75.00; and 3rd $50.00.
Rally Pack: Each officially entered rider will receive a Rally Pack containing, among other things, Hell's Loop! 100% cotton event T-Shirt. 

If we do not receive at least a dozen pre-entries by October 7th, we'll be forced to cancel Hell's Loop! The entry fee for Hell's Loop! is $99.00, ten percent (10%) of which is donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. Our on-line pre-entry form now accepts only Hell's Loop! pre-entries. If you prefer, you may print out the MSILSF Entry Form, complete it, and return it via e-mail, or fax it to (619) 425-7368. Please submit payment (fully refundable) via PayPal. Use the "send money" feature and send it under "personal" and "other", indicating the method by which you sent us your entry.
Thank you for your enthusiasm and competitive spirit. If you're interested in the viability of MSILSF's endurance rallies, please forward the link to this site to other potential entrants in the hope we can attain the minimum number of entries to host Hell's Loop!


Hell's Loop Merchandise

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Hell's Loop Baker to Barstow Event
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